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Chain Flyscreens | Protecting Australia and New Zealand

Chain Screens highly effective barriers to house flies, blow flies and bush flies

Our Anodised aluminium chain-curtains are known for their uncompromised quality because of these proven benefits

  • Glide cleanly and effortlessly through your flyscreen, bags and packages still comfortably in-hand
  • Your sparklingly clean chain curtain flyscreen hangs evenly, without banging or flying up in wind or draughts
  • Kitchen odours escape and fresh air wafts in. (Chain flyscreens are approved for commercial kitchens)
  • Use or store them in tropical, arctic, alpine, even salty coastal environments. Long lasting and excellent value
  • Hang permanently anywhere at all. Highly resistant to sunlight, acids, salt water and oxidation
  • Hang a feature screen indoor or outdoor. Lighting it with subtle landscape lighting adds ethereal drama.
  • Hose clean. Steam clean in place. Drop into a bath for a soapy wash 
  • Unhook,re-locate ,rehang in moments. We can modify your screen to suit your new environment.
  • Environmentally friendly components made from recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Brand new product?  well no, they were patented and first used in Europe in 1926.
  • Kind to the environment. No chemicals or fly sprays required!



We are a New Zealand based operation, specialising solely in chain screen production. There are many applications which our chain curtains can be applied. There is no 'middleman'; you are dealing directly with the crafts people who create your screen or curtain.

Our components are sourced from KriskaDecor®, Europe's sole curtain-chain link manufacturer. Sourcing our links in Europe give us more confidence in the environmental factors during manufacture, and the long term quality and performance of the product to the end-user.
You can expect complete satisfaction from your inquiries with us and your purchases from us. We will send you clear information about establishing the finished dimensions of your screen or curtain, and the positioning, colours and design of your image if you choose to use one.
It is not a necessity to use an image or message on your curtain, but the significant advantages of doing so, are invariably worth the modest increase in price.
We will be happy to advise on the image you wish to use, and how to gain the best effect with it.
We supply throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our Commitment to Uncompromised Quality

Chain Screens and curtains are primarily commissioned as ventilation fly protection screens for the food industry, for family homes and as decorative and informational curtains for exhibition, hospitality, office and public areas.
Being able to keep your chain-curtains sparkling clean in all possible conditions without degradation is absolutely essential. For over 80 years, chain-curtains have protected and decorated internal and external environments with supreme confidence. We offer you the same confidence for your application.


Measuring for your chain screen

All our chain curtains are custom made and can be produced to any size no matter how large or how small.

Pre Assembled - In order to quote for you, please supply us with the final dimensions (width and height) that you require your flyscreen to be. 
Every chain curtain is built to the dimensions supplied by the customer, and these measurements always include the rail. Due to the size of the links of chain and the separation between drops of chain, measurements cannot always be exact, but will be as close as possible to the required measurements in both height and width.

DIY Kit - In order to quote for you, please supply us with the final dimensions (width and height) that you require your flyscreen to be. Your kit will come with rail cut to the measurement required, fittings and chain supplied in continuous lengths for you to assemble your screen, full instruction for assembly.
There are two alternative types of fitting brackets for the curtains. No specialised tools or skills are required. 'Face plate' brackets are designed to be fitted onto the face of the frame/wall just above the opening, and 'hook' brackets are designed to be fitted into the underside of the opening. Once the fittings are in place, it's a simple matter to lift the chain curtain onto the fittings where it will hang securely until you wish to 'unhook' it for washing/re-location/or to store away during times when it is not required.
To optimise the appearance of your chain curtain we recommend that you allow for a two centimetre gap between the bottom of the chain and the floor when measuring for your chain curtain.


Don't just take our word for it...

John from Tasmania- ‘What an incredibily brilliant service you provide. Chain curtain manufactured in NZ on Monday 10th March and despatched same day. Arrived at our shop in Devonport Tas at 10am Thursday 13th March. Hanging and looks sensational. Whilst not cheap, they are a brilliant product and really do represent value for money’

Deborah from Australia- ' I am very very happy with my chain curtain!! It is a perfect fit and looks great, even nicer than I expected.’

 Laurence from Australia– ‘Thank you so much we have received it. Easy to install and fast delivery. 10/10 service. I would recommend you to anyone. Cheers!’

Natalie from Australia– ‘Just wanted to let you know we received and installed our chain curtain and we are thrilled. The curtain was in perfect condition and easy to install and most importantly it is stunning. We have had so many comments and have passed on your details. Thank you for your utmost professionalism and superb customer service from start to finish. It was a seamless transaction and it truly was a pleasure doing business with you. We are so thrilled we will be back in touch soon with another order!’

Jenni from Australia- ‘I have to tell you that everyone and I mean everyone who has come to our home since we put up the one we have has commented on how great it looks. I have also told them how well it works so I am doing my bit for AUSSIE/NZ trade relations.’

Pamela from New Zealand-‘We have spent 9 days at our bach and have been blow fly free! It is unbelievable really as we have blow flies so big and swarms of them. We put the screen up and sat indoors to the silence of no buzzing flies. We were able to read in peace, rest in peace and eat in peace. It was such a relief, I am so glad I discovered your screens. Thank you so much, I would recommend them to anyone who may have a fly problem. Matter of fact I will order another one for our home.’

 Yannick from New Zealand– ‘ Bonjour, Fantastic, that’s all I have to say... Could you send me a bunch of business cards as lots of my customers are asking about the screen!! Thanks again.’

Anne from Tasmania– ‘I am just writing to let you know how wonderful the chain flyscreen has been over our summer. It has far exceeded my expectations and has made the summer so much easier without having to worry about hundreds of flies invading us every week (sometimes day). We have not had to use any flyspray at all indoors and there has not been the usual film of flies all over the window sills. You have a wonderful product and I am so pleased I happened to come across your advertisement in Cuisine. You have revolutionised our lives over summer.... MANY THANKS!’

John from New Zealand– ‘Just to let you know that the chain curtains have arrived and have been installed. They are working superbly. No flies at all in the house. Thanks’

Raewyn from New Zealand– ‘The curtain is up and we are absolutely thrilled with it. Just fantastic, thank you so much’

Malcolm from Australia–‘We installed the screen today, it looks great. We should have done it years ago!


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