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Who are Chain Flyscreens?

We are a New Zealand based family business called Hewland Screens and we specialise entirely in aluminium chain screens and curtains for use as flyscreens and other varied applications. There is no 'middleman'; you are dealing directly with the crafts-people who import the materials and create your screen or curtain.

Our components are sourced directly from KriskaDecor®, Europe's sole aluminium chain screen maufacturer. By sourcing our chain and rail in Europe we are confident that environmental considerations have been taken into consideration in the manufacturing process and that the long term quality and performance of the product to the end-user is guaranteed.

You can expect complete satisfaction from your inquiries with us and your purchases from us. We will help you establish the finished dimensions of your screen or curtain, and assist and advise in the positioning, colours and design of your image if you choose to use one.

It is not a necessity to use an image or message on your curtain, but the advantages of doing so are invariably worth the increase in price.

If you do choose to use an image, we will be happy to advise how to gain the best effect with it.

We supply throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For over 80 years, chain-flyscreens have protected and decorated buildings and food premises in Europe, with supreme confidence. We offer you the same confidence for your application.